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More information about Gordon Sneddon and his paintings
I tend to work from home using a range of photographs of my chosen subject.

However, I use these photographs purely as a rough guide and regularly add, amend or move things around to create a pleasing composition - to the extent that I often get asked - where on earth is that!?

My influences are fairly wide. I admire artists such as Martin Procter, Michael Morgan, George Birrell, Owen Henderson, Richard Thorn and Mike Bernard, but I also draw inspiration from other sources such as old railway posters, european comic books and graphic design.

I use a whole range of techniques such as spraying, spattering, rollers and pouring to give my paintings texture and interest. I also use gesso, acrylic inks and collage when the mood takes me.

More recently I have been developing my style to be more abstract and distinctive. I have been experimenting a lot with colour palettes to create the brightest colour range from a limited set of paints.

I generally like to paint on rough, heavyweight watercolour paper as it helps to provide extra texture.

More recently I have been experimenting with a range of mediums to improve texture.

My original paintings tend to have rough edges and are float mounted in off white frames.